Active&Fit Direct Homepage

Active&Fit Direct Homepage

UX Architect for the Active&Fit Direct homepage makeover.

With my help, Active&Direct rocketed to the #1 top performing slot for American Specialty Health from 2018 thru the present. With this new design we increased subscriptions by more than 15% and reduced support calls by one fourth.

  • Interviewed and surveyed existing and potential customers to understand what motivated them to help us meet their needs and answer their questions with the new design.

  • Interviewed internal stakeholders and sat in on support calls to understand what was confusing users or slowing them down when they reached the site.

  • Took the top call-in support questions and made sure those were clearly answered right on the homepage

  • Performed extensive testing with to find the best layout and most understandable copy to lead to the highest subscriptions and the lowest number of support calls.