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Raym Barrett

Raymond Barrett (Raym)


I’m fascinated by our ability to emotionally move and delight others. With a lengthy career in music, graphic design, engineering, and UX, my focus on creation and reaction — whether through visual, musical, or written means — results in a deeper empathy and connection with my audience.

I love how UX challenges me to find hidden treasures in my audience research and then solve the puzzles along the way as I try to delight my users and meet my business goals.


I have 20+ years experience in UX, graphic design, and product management. At American Specialty Health — one of “Inc. Magazine’s” fastest growing businesses with over 42 million members covered, 60,000 clinical providers, and more than 9,000 fitness centers in their network — I work with the FitCrew Team updating their multiple fitness-related websites and apps.
UX Design Portfolio

At Albertsons Companies, the second largest supermarket chain in North America with 1.5 million unique users per month, I was responsible for the nationwide “just for U” mobile coupon app and the home-delivery shopping app across multiple brands (Safeway, Albertsons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Vons, Pavilions) including information architecture, wireframing, customer flows, prototyping, and usability testing.

Before joining Safeway, I played many roles over 13 years at Live365 including Creative Director, Director of Product Management, Sr. User Experience Designer, and Director of Web Development. I worked on their listening and broadcasting mobile apps, desktop apps, website, TV apps, and B2B partner player designs including Hertz, Walmart, Progressive, State Farm, David Lynch Foundation, and more.

Prior to that, I founded Imagine Avenue, a multimedia design studio in Hollywood, California. During my eight years as creative director with Imagine Avenue, I worked with a wide variety of technologies in the areas of commercial printing; technical illustration; streaming audio/video; and scoring/sound for pictures, web development, and e-commerce.
Sound Design Portfolio

Before Imagine Avenue, I was the lead singer, guitarist, and one of the primary songwriters for Charlemagne, a rock band out of Hollywood, California. I play multiple instruments and have been a recording engineer and/or producer on various projects from the early 1980s to present. I also currently write and record background vocals for country-music projects for Country Rewind Records out of Nashville.

Country Rewind Records


I studied drafting, technical illustration, and mechanical design technologies, and have extensive background in design and typography.


User Interface Design, Information Architecture, Usability Testing, Visual Design, Mobile Software Design, User Experience Choreography, Project Management, Web Design, Songwriting, Audio Recording, and Sound Design.