No Need to Fear Showing Your Work for the First Time

We all have butterflies before showing our design work to our team or stakeholders for the first time. That said, I have learned the hard way that the earlier I get them involved the better. It becomes a team effort, everyone gets invested, and I avoid many potholes and embarrassing moments like the dreaded “But what about…?”

I try not to spend too much time tucked away polishing my ideas but instead toss them out early when I’m not so attached to them. Discuss them while they’re “in the rough.” Then I can see if they stand up before ever moving a pixel.

Bouncing ideas off my teammates each day is my favorite part of work. It relieves so much pressure. We toss around thoughts at our desks or at lunch. And whenever possible I set meetings with the stakeholders and just talk and sketch for 15 minutes. That gives all involved a huge amount of insight into the problems we’re trying to solve, promotes team ownership, and that group brainpower is inspirational. In fact, find your biggest critic in the company and get them involved day 1. It’s very rewarding.

As Kenneth Blanchard wrote, “None of us are as smart as all of us.”

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